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Our mission is to teach how to speak Polish, we believe that anyone can speak Polish. Polish Classes is a unique approach that awakens the passion for learning and gives you joy of speaking.


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We offer individual, group and certificate courses tailored to the needs of students. We teach at all levels. We monitor student satisfaction throughout all courses to continually improve our cooperation. We run tests that allow you to verify progress and reveal difficult places for students. Contact us and we will advise you which course to choose. Design your own Polish classes!

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“You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes Short Story



We only speak Polish – and you speak Polish during the first class!


We teach using the natural method - we talk a lot


We teach comprehensively - speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary


The teachers are certified teachers of Polish with experience and great creativity

teacher, school owner

Maria Szumera

I graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, with a master’s degree in teaching Polish as a foreign and second language, and Pedagogical University of Krakow, with a master’s degree in teaching and speech therapy. In 2019, I defended my PhD dissertation in the field of literary studies. I have experience in working as a Polish language teacher as a foreign language. I worked in several language schools, private companies, corporations, as well as in my own Polish language school, which I founded and run since 2017.

Teaching Polish as a foreign language is my passion in life, my ikigai. I love people and long conversations in a nice atmosphere, that’s why the results of my classes come extremely quickly, naturally and pleasantly. My lessons are full of conversations accompanied by positive energy and humor. Teaching Polish gives me great satisfaction, and the progress of my students, which I observe every day, makes me proud.



Michalina Rittner

A graduate of teaching Polish as a foreign language at the Jagiellonian University. She is working as a teacher for over ten years. She gained professional experience both at Polish universities and private language schools. She conducts classes in general and specialist Polish at all levels. She completes her education by participating in training courses on various topics. She knows three foreign languages, which helps her to work with foreigners learning Polish. If she were not a teacher, she would probably work with animals, because they are her great passion – but no more than teaching Polish :-).


Sylwia Różak

Having finished bachelor studies in polish philology at Pedagogical University of Cracow, she took up a master’s degree in teaching polish language to foreigners at Jagiellonian University of Cracow.

She gained teaching experience during University Summer Language School as well as supporting other educational projects. She’s been working as a polish language tutor for over 5 years already. She teaches individuals, groups and students in corporations including remote lessons. She is responsible for workshops and teaching materials preparation.

The way she approaches her students makes them feel very motivated and progress rapidly. Lessons are interesting and fruitful as she thinks about teaching polish outside the box.  After work she loves reading books, riding a bike, and traveling.


Barbara Gwóźdź

My name is Basia and I am a Polish language teacher. I teach people of all ages and levels. I have many years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language – I have conducted both full-time and online, individual and group courses. I always try to make the lessons interesting and make every student believe that speaking Polish is possible!


Weronika Rodzińska 

a graduate of Drama Studies (Wiedza o Teatrze) at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and Teaching Polish as a Foreign and Second Language. She also studied Slovak philology. Since 2011 connected with the Jagiellonian University. She teaches Polish language to foreigners at all levels of language proficiency at semester courses, students of Jagiellonian University Medical College, students from the University of Guelph and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, as well as individual students. For several years a coordinator of teachers’ work during courses conducted with the use of the project method. Also responsible for the language and culture programs of summer courses funded by the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). A co-author of the book “At the doctors. I listen and understand! Materials for teaching Polish medical language A2-B2 level” (U lekarza. Słucham i rozumiem! Materiały do nauczania języka polskiego medycznego poziom A2-B2). As an examiner she participates in examination sessions (State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a foreign language).


Marcelina Knez

My name is Marcelina. After completing my BA in Indian Philology at the Jagiellonian University, I became interested in teaching Polish. Teaching others gives me great pleasure. I love meeting people from other countries and getting to know their cultures, that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching. I really like talking with people and I know how important communication is, so during every lesson most of all I find time to talk with the learners. I constantly strengthen students’ motivation by maintaining a positive atmosphere during classes. In my free time, I read books, work out or walk my dog.


Aleksandra Woźniak

Teaching is a great passion of mine. I love meeting new people and talking on every subject. I am an incorrigible optimist, for whom the glass is always half full. I approach each student individually, focusing on their personal language goals. I know two foreign languages and I am eager to learn more. Outside of my studies and work, I enjoy the outdoors, reading books and watching movies. In my free time, I create art in the broadest sense of the word.


Małgorzata Dryzd

My name is Gosia and teaching Polish as a foreign language is my passion. From an early age, I wanted to teach other people, and now I have a chance to make this dream come true. Daily, I enjoy spending time with other people, getting to know them and talking to them. In my spare time, I read books and meet friends. A smile, long conversations and positive energy are the best ways for me to spend my time. I invite you to my classes!


Katarzyna Jonkisz-Okraska

My name is Kasia and I graduated from Silesian University in Katowice, with a master’s degree in teaching polish language to foreigners. I’ve been working as a teacher for 5 years. My work is demanding, but I have always been passionate about teaching and it gives me a sense of achievement. When planning my lessons, I focus on creativity and constantly seek new and engaging activities. 

I am a calm, patient and reasonable person. I like to spend my time actively and constantly undertake new activities for personal development. I easily make new friends, I am communicative and I love working with people. I derive a lot of joy from meeting new people, also those who represent different cultural circles. Sharing everyday life with people from other countries is a remarkable experience!


What OUR students say

Brazylia / Brazil


Uczenie się nowego języka jest zawsze wyzwaniem, dlatego musisz mieć dobrego nauczyciela, który cię wspiera, który troszczy się o ciebie i kocha nauczanie. Miałem szczęście, kiedy dwa i pół roku temu spotkałem Marię, ponieważ od tego czasu uczęszczam na prywatne lekcje, a mój polski jest wystarczająco dobry, aby rozmawiać po mieście i rozumieć więcej o tym, co się dzieje, gdy oglądam wiadomości w telewizji. Nadal pracuję nad tym, aby być naprawdę dobrym w języku polskim i zajmuje to trochę czasu, ale Maria wie, jak to ułatwić dla mnie i mojej żony! Dziękuję Mario za bycie niesamowitą nauczycielką!!

Learning a new language is always a challenge, so more than self motivation you must have a good teacher who supports you, who cares about you, who loves teaching. I was lucky when I met Maria two and a half years ago, because since then I’ve been attending personal lessons and my polish got good enough to talk around the city and understand more about what’s going on when I watch news on tv. I’m still in the process to be really good in polish and it takes time but Maria knows how to make it easier for me and also my wife! Thank you Maria for being this incredible teacher!

Aprender um novo idioma é sempre um desafio; portanto, mais do que auto-motivação, você deve ter um bom professor que o apoie, que se importe com você, que adora ensinar. Tive sorte quando conheci Maria há dois anos e meio, porque desde então tenho assistido aulas particulares e meu polonês ficou bom o suficiente para conversar pela cidade e entender mais sobre o que está acontecendo quando assisto notícias na televisão. Eu ainda estou no processo de ser realmente bom em polonês e leva tempo, mas Maria sabe como tornar isso mais fácil para mim e também para minha esposa! Obrigado Maria por ser essa professora incrível!

Brazylia / Brazil


Kocham mieć lekcje z Marią! Ona jest bardzo utalentowaną nauczycielką.

The first I heard of Maria was through other Brazilians who told her classes were amazing. I trusted their feedbacks and hired her as private teacher, and, I must say, I’m really glad I did. She is a very talented teacher and also has a great sense of humor, which makes the classes soft and fun. After almost 6 months of classes, I’m now able to understand simple conversations and even to communicate in an acceptable way — and note, my native language is not even from the same branch as Polish, which makes the results even more impressive.

Ukraina / Ukraine


Maria jest bardzo interesującą i wykwalifikowaną nauczycielką. Zajęcia są zawsze  poznawcze i aktywne. Nowe tematy są aktualne. Maria bierze zadania z różnych źródeł – dlatego zawsze są one różnorodne i interesujące. Oprócz tego Maria zawsze słucha życzeń uczniów. Jest proaktywną i nowoczesną nauczycielką, dla której ważna jest wiedza ucznia. Polecam Marię wszystkim, kto chce podjąć albo polepszyć swój poziom polskiego.

Марія є дуже цікавим і кваліфікованим вчителем. Заняття завжди пізнавальні та активні.  Нові теми є актуальними. Завдання  Марія бере з різних джерел – звідси різноманітність і цікавість цих завдань. Крім того Марія завжди дослуховується до побажань учнів. Вона є проактивним ти сучасним вчителем, для якого важливим є знання учня. Раджу Марію всім тим, хто хоче підняти чи вдосконалити свій рівень польської мови.

Brazylia / Brazil


Teraz mogę zamówić piwo i kielbasę i więcej!
Professor Maria has a teaching methodology that guarantees fast and fun learning. Classes can be face-to-face or remote and the flexibility of time is great. Even in a pandemic season, my wife and I are taking classes regularly.

Ukraina / Ukraine


Dziękuję Maria, za możliwość swobodnego mówienia i pisania po polsku. Dzięki temu otworzył się mi nowy kawałek kulturowej mapy świata <3.
If you want to hear a compliment from polish person that your polish is pretty good. I recommend you to learn it from Maria  🙂



Maria massively helped improve my knowledge of Polish and more importantly my confidence in speaking the language during our individual lessons. Previously I was limited to short sentences or one word answers but now thanks to Maria’s guidance I am able to express myself a lot more effectively in Polish.



I have been studying Polish for two years with Maria. I have never had a better teacher. Maria is a very kind person with high goals. As a teacher, she is very flexible with the student, looks at the individual characteristics and preferences of a person. This helps coming to classes with great desire and feel comfortable. I started studying from 0 and now I can freely communicate on different topics, keep up the conversation. When communicating, native Polish speakers often notice that I use typical Polish phrases in my speech, as if I have always been speaking Polish. After each lesson, I leave in a good mood, as in the group we not only speak on specific topics, but also personal ones. We can discuss how the day went, the weekend, we joke, laugh and even recommend each other how to resolve live issues. The atmosphere is super friendly. If you ask me where to learn Polish, I will recommend only Marya.

Brazylia / Brazil


Polecam! Maria jest moją ulubioną nauczycielką.

Maria is an excellent teacher!
She has a very good teaching strategy, besides she also has a vocabulary easy to understand.
She is able to explain grammatical rules in Polish in a simple way.
I definitely recommend her group or private classes.

Rosja / Russia


Uczę się od  Marii kilka miesięcy. W tym czasie moja córka, która doskonale mówi po polsku i polskie koleżanki zauważyły mój postęp. Udało mi się nagrać filmik instruktażowy w języku polskim. Lubię akademickie, profesjonalne wyjaśnienia. Podoba mi się również to, że Maria zawsze ma plan lekcji, ale jeśli interesują mnie jakieś tematy, to Maria elastycznie zmienia treść wykładu.
I’ve been working with Maria for several months now. During this time, my daughter, who speaks perfect Polish, and Polish friends noted my progress. I was able to record a video training in Polish. I like academic, professional explanations. I also like that Maria always has a lesson plan, but if I am interested in some topics, Maria is flexible in changing the content of the lecture.



Marysia is an engaging Polish instructor that helps students achieve fast progress by teaching strong foundations in grammar whilst simultaneously mixing in constant conversational practice. After 1 year of weekly lessons with Marysia, I reached B1 level Polish and am even more motivated to continue progressing. As a foreigner it took a lot of practice for me to have the confidence to have real conversations in Polish with native Poles, and it’s all thanks to Marysia!
Marysia to zaangażowana nauczycielka polskiego, która pomaga uczniom osiągnąć szybkie rezultaty poprzez nauczanie mocnych podstaw gramatyki wplatając równocześnie ciągłe ćwiczenia konwersacji. Po roku cotygodniowych lekcji z Marysią osiągnęłam poziom B1 i jestem tym bardziej zmotywowana kontynuować. Jako obcokrajowiec musiałam dużo ćwiczyć zanim odważyłam się rozmawiać po polsku z Polakami, a to wszystko dzięki Marysi!

Ukraina / Ukraine


Dzięki Marii pojawiło się u mnie zainteresowanie językiem polskim, ona naprawdę jest utalentowaną nauczycielką. Lekcje są zawsze ciekawe, Maria przygotowuje dużo poznawczych i rozwijających materiałów, zajęcia zwykle lecą błyskawicznie i zawsze z niecierpliwością czekam na następne zajęcia.

Після перших 2 місяців навчання з Марією значно підняла свій рівень польської, а саме почала розмовляти на різні теми (до занять з Марією взагалі цією мовою не цікавилася). Більше 2 років продовжую займатися вивченням мови – удосконалює свій рівень, розмовляємо на абсолютно різні теми, а ще Марія завжди доступно пояснює будь які правила в польській мові. Вона розуміє дуже багато слів українською або російською, і часом, коли я не пам’ятала якесь слово, це дуже допомагало.




I have been learning Polish Maria for 3 years. She always knows how to keep the lectures fresh and interesting, switching between grammar, vocabulary and conversational Polish with ease. Maria Is also exceptionally patient, even when you get the word wrong for the 300th time. The classes are informal, friendly and tailored to your skill level and needs. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone at any stage of there Polish language Journey.



Miałam przyjemność poznać Marię jako moją prywatną nauczycielkę języka polskiego online. Pomogła mi wybrać odpowiednie materiały i nabrać pewności siebie w mówieniu. Jako nauczyciel języka niderlandzkiego jako drugiego języka, wiem jak ważne jest mieć nauczyciela, który motywuje cię i daje ci odwagę do nauki poprez popełnianie błędów. Pomogło mi to, że mówiła wyłącznie po polsku podczas lekcji, a nawet w rozmowach przez e-mail, to także zmotywowało mnie do zadawania pytań po polsku. Przerażająca na początku, ale zdecydowanie najlepsza metoda na szybkie postępy! Ze względu na jej przyjemną osobowość, niekończący się uśmiech i cierpliwość nie mogę polecić jej wystarczająco wysoko dla każdego, kto chce uczyć się polskiego w przyjemnym i bezpiecznym otoczeniu. Jeszcze raz, dziękuję, Maria!
I had the pleasure to have Maria as my private online teacher in Polish as a second language. She helped me choosing the right materials and become more confident in speaking. As a teacher in Dutch as a second language myself, I know how important it is to have a teacher that motivates you and gives you the courage to learn by making mistakes. It helped that she only spoke Polish during the lessons, and even in e-mail conversation, as well as motivated me to ask my questions in Polish. Scary at the beginning, but definitely the best method to make quick progress! With her pleasing personality, and her never ending smile plus patience, I can not recommend her high enough for anyone who wishes to learn Polish in a fun and safe environment. Thank you again, Maria!



Szczerze polecam zajęcia z Panią Marią, nauczycielką z powołania!
I had been introduced to Pani Maria five years ago when I was looking for a native moderator for my #kinoponiedzliałki project: together with other expats, we watched Polish movies the way of immersive learning, i.e. without subtitles; Maria explained us the synopsis and some plot details using simple words in Polish language… and we did understand many things! Later on, I asked Maria for assistance in preparation to the state exam, which I successfully passed last year, at B2 level.



I attended a group course that was great and game changing event of my life ! We talked a lot during the course, which helped in learning new words and grammar of a language. All the topics  were very interesting and practical. One of the very important aspect we had was the friendly atmosphere which made everyone actively interested in participating in the course. I am so grateful to be able to do this course with Maria . She is an amazing teacher with fantastic skills and perfect balance of study and emotional need. If you also have interest in learning a new language with fun . I would definitely recommend this this course.

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