Online Course

PLN 390

One part of the course at the basic price costs PLN 45, will you find another course at such a low price? Usually you have to pay over PLN 100 for one individual lesson, and you won’t cover as much material on it as in one part of my course – so you save and gain.

PLN 490

In the premium version, one lesson costs 59.90 it would also be difficult to find a good quality course at such a low price, and yet in this version you get additional exercises worth PLN 200, a printable exercises worth PLN 100. As you can see, in the premium version you get more and also save more, at a slightly higher price.

PLN 690

The vip version is for those who want to have daily contact with me and take advantage of the opportunity to ask me questions directly. What does it give you? Having an expert in the Polish language among your friends will speed up your results, solve everyday language problems and give you constant contact with a native speaker and a mentor in one. 

In this course, you will learn all this and much more!

The Survival Polish with Maria course consists of 10 rich parts, and in each of them you will find:

  1. Videos in which I explain you all the situations you will encounter in Poland and in which you must understand Polish and be able to react and respond
  2. Texts in Polish and English, so you can know exactly what Poles say and what it means
  3. Audio recordings to help you learn listening comprehension
  4. Audio exercises to put you in a real-life situation
  5. Speaking training – exercises where you have to repeat after me and answer my questions
  6. Vocabulary and grammar in a minimalist version
  7. Cultural and linguistic curiosities
  8. Remarks about the most common problems and mistakes you could make without this course.

Each part of the course is very rich and certainly, when converted into traditional individual lessons, it takes several of them.

*** in case of purchasing a lower package, it is possible to pay extra and receive a higher one

Thanks to the fact that I have been teaching for over several years, I know what your everyday problems are and in which situations you need to know Polish. In this course:

  • I repeat very slowly and several times in such a way that you can repeat after me easily
  • I show you some of the most common scenarios – as you know, the same things can be said in different ways
  • I give you the vocabulary and phrases most often heard and used by Poles
  • I eliminate redundant and rare words and phrases so as not to waste your time
  • I explain to you all the phrases and words that you have heard and not understood so far
  • I surround you with the Polish language in such a way that the words and phrases you hear every day are easier to remember and use

This course differs from others in that it is practical and you will use it every day in Poland.