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In this course you will learn to speak Polish and understand Poles.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • you need Polish on a daily basis
  • you are planning to or already live in Poland
  • you want to feel confident and be able to do everyday things on your own
  • you want to speak Polish and understand what Poles say to you

In this course you will find:

  • 50 ready-made lessons in 10 modules
  • 120 speaking, listening, writing and reading exercises 
  • 70 of the most common dialogues in Polish
  • Important vocabulary
  • Ebook
  • +Bonus
  • A dedicated Facebook group where you can ask the teacher questions

You can have the entire course on your phone and use it whenever wherever you want.

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About the course:

Is this online Polish course for you?

Did you know that in a regular course at school they rarely teach the practical skills?


In this course, you only learn practical information that you will use in practice. Unlike regular long courses, I do not teach the language in general, but the skills of speaking and listening, as well as vocabulary and phrases that allow you to be independent on a daily basis.


By minimizing the gigantic material to the most important phrases and vocabulary, you can spend most of your time practicing - speaking and listening, which are crucial for you. During this course, you only learn what you will need in everyday Polish life.


To learn such practical skills, one-on-one lessons are often required, which are expensive. By learning on your own with this course, you save money and learn at your own pace. By paying once, you can repeat the lesson as many times as you need.


You can use the course whenever you want, which means you can take it anywhere using your phone. You can study anywhere and also use it in public places with the aid of your mobile phone.


Cześć! Jestem Maria!

Working for many years as a Polish language teacher, I have taught people from all over the world and I knew what they needed when they decided to live in Poland.

They wanted to learn how to speak and understand people – and that’s what we practiced in my courses.

From week to week I had more and more students, from year to year there were even more – my method worked! My students spoke Polish!

People recommend me! I create social media accounts where I teach the practical Polish which is often ignored. Every day I get dozens of thanks and requests for more materials. Finally, I have created a course that teaches all practical skills and is accessible to everyone. 

I graduated from teaching Polish as a foreign language and I have a PhD in Polish philology. I have worked in language schools located in Poland, England and Spain. To this day, I work in an international corporation teaching groups of foreigners from around the world. For many years I have had my own Polish language school and I even train future teachers.


518+ happy clients

What will you find in the course?

You will start speaking and understanding Polish!

50 ready-made lessons in 10 modules

memory exercises


Course contents:

The content of this course is absolutely unique both in terms of the topic and the way it is presented and practiced. This is the first course that focuses on everyday communication in Poland, and not just on the language. Everything you learn here you will use in life in Poland, take a look:

Exercises + Ebook

In this module you will learn everything you need to be able to pronounce, read and write correctly:

  • Vowels and Consonants of the Polish alphabet – in a simple and easy presentation
  • Intensive pronunciation training
  • Common mistakes – which you will not make with this course
  • Listening, reading and writing training

You need this information in all public places and beyond. This rich chapter contains some extremely important practical lessons.

  • Types of contact in Poland – formal and informal
  • Greetings
  • Important phrases you need to know
  • Polite sentences and common mistakes – which you will not make with this course
  • Numerals + exercises
  • Days of the week + exercises
  • Months + exercises
  • Time + exercises

With these few lessons, you will learn how to give information about yourself and how to get information about others.

  • Asking and providing name & full name
  • Asking and providing information such as: nationality, current residence, address in poland, phone number, e-mail, age, occupation

Everyone needs to shop and so do you. In this module you will learn everything you need to express when shopping in a Polish supermarket.

  • Asking for a product
  • Common products in Polish (type of meat, dairy products, bread, drinks etc.)
  • Directions
  • Asking for help
  • Important vocabulary
  • Buying meat
  • Typical dialogs in a supermarket  + exercises
  • Paying in a supermarket + exercises

This store is just everywhere, so you need to know how to shop there in Polish. Or maybe you already do? You just don’t say anything? With these few lessons, you’ll get started.

  • Asking for a product
  • Asking for help
  • Typical dialogues in the “Żabka” store
  • Buying an alcohol
  • Buying cigarettes
  • Paying 
  • Buying a coffee and hot-dog

In every Polish city you will find a local farmer’s market where you will definitely want to do some shopping.

  • The most common phrases you need
  • Fruits, Vegetables and other common products
  • Buying by kilograms and decagrams and single pieces
  • Useful phrases you need to know

A visit to a restaurant will give you satisfaction if you can communicate in Polish.

  • The most common phrases you need in the restaurant
  • How to order food in Polish
  • Typical Polish dishes
  • How to order drinks and alcohol (wine, beer etc.)
  • Names of common products
  • Paying in the restaurant
  • Asking for help
    • Useful phrases

In this module you will learn how to order coffee, tea or other products in a cafe.

  • The most common phrases you need  in the cafe
  • How to order drinks in a cafe
  • How to order desserts and food
  • Names of common products in the cafe (type of milk, sugar, desserts etc.)

Get to know all the phrases that will allow you to shop in a smaller or larger clothing store in Poland.

  • The most common phrases in a clothing store
  • Clothes in Polish + exercises
  • Buying clothes
  • Dialogue in a fitting room
  • Colors in Polish + exercises
  • Typical questions
  • Returning clothes
  • Phrases you need to know

A visit to the doctor is a complicated process, but also a very important one. It is important to understand basic phrases and be able to communicate in case of health problems.

  • Making an appointment with a doctor
  • At the front desk + exercises
  • In line to see the doctor + exercises
  • Talking to a doctor + exercises
  • Health problems
  • Specialists 
  • Types of medications
  • Emergency numbers
  • Important phrases

What does the course look like?

My student reviews

Czytaj więcej
Now I’m able to understand simple conversations and even to communicate!
Czytaj więcej
All the topics were very interesting and practical. Maria is an amazing teacher with fantastic skills and perfect balance of study and emotional need.
Czytaj więcej
I would highly recommend Maria to anyone at any stage of their Polish language Journey. Polecam!
Czytaj więcej
Maria is an engaging Polish instructor that helps students achieve fast progress.


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Is this course for me?

For anyone who wants to start speaking Polish on a daily basis.

Will this course prepare me for the B1 Exam?

No, but this course contains some exercises and situations that appear in the exam.

How long can I use the course?

You get lifetime access and all upgrades for the same price.

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